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WCU Offers 24/7 Visa® Credit and Debit Card Service

  • Full credit and debit card services are available during regular business hours (M-F, 8am-7pm, Sa 9am-1pm)
  • After Hours card services (below) are available outside regular business hours (including holidays)

After Hours Debit Cards Services:

  • Lost or stolen cards
  • Card activation
  • Temporary blocks
  • Real-time declines due to fraud alerts
  • NSF declines
  • Address verification

After Hours Credit Cards Services:

  • Lost or stolen cards
  • Answers to questions related to your SECU credit card*
  • For emergency credit card service from outside the US,

* Please note: our after hours support team are unable to make any changes to your credit card account, nor can they reverse any fees or unauthorized charges. For these issues, please contact us during regular business hours.

Card Fraud and Dispute Forms

  • If you suspect fraudulent activity on your SECU Visa credit or debit card, please complete and submit our Credit and Debit Card Fraud Claim form.
  • For claims regarding an unauthorized ATM withdrawal or other use, please complete and submit our Unauthorized ATM Use Claim form.
  • For merchant claims regarding your Visa Debit or Credit card, please complete, sign and submit the Visa Debit and Credit Card Dispute form.


Visa Debit and Credit Alerts

To receive Visa Purchase Alerts, cardholders can sign up through Visa. Once enrolled, cardholders can establish specific alert triggers. Anytime a qualified Visa transaction takes place that meets your defined parameters, you will receive an alert in seconds via email and/or SMS text message.

Alerts can include:

  • Reaching a purchase amount threshold
  • International purchases
  • Purchases made on the internet or over the phone